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Finance An Investment

You’ve built up some equity and are now looking for your next move. Whether it is a residential property or property development finance, we have you covered,

Find Your Investment Loan

How much can you borrow? What are the risks of investing? What type of loans are available to me?


You have built up some equity in your house and are looking to use that to purchase an investment property.  Whether you are buying a residential house, holiday house, equities or to develop property, Help with Finance can run you though the different scenarios and how it comes together.


Investing is exciting as it is a step towards your financial and lifestyle goals. While the loan process varies from your traditional home loan, it still requires a clear plan that meets your needs. Whether its your first investment or continuing to build your portfolio, we have been there and we will have a solution. Call us for your no obligation consultation. 


Some of the loans we offer are listed below:


  • Interest Only Loans

  • Lines of Credit

  • Investment Loans

  • Low doc loans

Contact John, your mortgage broker Sunshine Coast for a no obligation call and find your investment sooner. 

Hear what our clients say.

  • How Much Can I Borrow?

  • What Will Be My Repayments?

  • How Much is Stamp Duty?

  • How Much Extra Can My Repayments Be?

  • Can I Pay Off My Credit Card?