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Asset and Motor Vehicle Finance

Whether you need a vehicle for business or private use, we have your asset finance solutions. 

Asset Finance Solutions 

Whether it is for business use or private use, we can help. We have  access to over 20 asset finance companies that will look at leases, chattel mortgages, hire purchase and even renting your equipment to you.


If lack of funds is holding you back from expanding your fleet or purchasing your dream car, call us to discuss your options. You may be closer to your dream than you think. 


We specialize in earth moving equipment finance, commercial equipment finance, new and second hand car loans both secured and unsecured. 


Get in touch with a no obligation call to discuss your options. We start with a simple assesment of your situation then present you with clear options to help you reach your goals. We remove the stress, the uncertainty and the paperwork! 


Some of the loans we offer:


  • Commercial Equipment Finance

  • Earth Moving Equipment Finance

  • New and Used Car Loans

  • Leases

  • Secured and Unsecured Loans

Contact John, your finance broker Sunshine Coast for a no obligation call and reach your faster. 

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